Sunday, January 10, 2016

Where is my Electric Minivan Writer?

The truth is too silly to be true. I fell in so deep no one even knew it happened.

Does anyone realize for the last four months I've been a salesman for BMW hoping to sell the i3?

Now that I know more than ever about electric cars, I have no time or energy to write. I've driven the i3 and even the X5 40e. I took both of them out in the snow and I have a full report. But 11-12 hours a day trying to sling cars leaves a writer with little desire to do much else.

I haven't even sold an i3. Not even to myself. Even with an employee lease, I can't afford it. It's a tough business to grind into, even when I leave my EV ideals at the door.

Yet I can take pride that I helped someone build the first PHEV X5 to hit the road in this region. The owner drives 10 miles to work every day, plugs in again and drives home without burning a drop of gas. In a full-sized SUV that seats five with room for plenty of cargo. I helped do that.

But no one's heard from me since I started. The silence stops now. If you haven't heard, Eighty Six the Poet is Dead but I'm defibrillating him with my CHAdeMO plug.

And I think the i3 might be the closest thing to an electric minivan I've seen yet. Imagine an "i7 Rex" a little wider and longer than the i3. Three rows of seats and a range extender. Sell it for $10k more than the i3 and you'd change the whole scene.

More to come. I promise.